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What Are the Major Components of a Portable Sink?

A portable sink is a great convenience in so many places. Mobile businesses, centers without plumbing units, homes and medical facilities find them very helpful to supplement their need for a suitable area to do their handwashing and cleaning of their things. With the benefits derived from these valuable units, let’s take a look at the major components that make up a portable sink device.

A portable sink is made up of a cabinet stand. Usually, this stand is made from durable wood with laminate vinyl that bears cool designs. Its stand’s top surface, on the other hand, is usually made with an ABS countertop.

Ensconced on the countertop is another component – the basin. The basin is often made from stainless steel and it can come in one plain hollow surface or it can have divisions of two or three basins. The double and triple basins are great for sorting out the dishes or utensils particularly in business areas.

Further connection that can be seen on top of the basin is a faucet. It allows water to easily flow when doing clean-ups. Its clean water supply comes from a 5 or 6 gallon of fresh water and its waste water is then collected by another gallon container. Both the supply and waste water gallons are conveniently hidden inside the cabinet stand.

To complete its mobile feature, there are wheels that are placed at the bottom of the stand. The roller casters allow this type of sink to be moved and transported easily. There are also stop locks in the wheels to keep the mobile sink system stable when it is being used.

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