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Save on California Airfare: Timing Is Everything

Even though most of us dread air travel with the possibility for flight delays and cancellations, the Federal Bureau of Transportation indicates that airline performance may be getting better. New statistics show that airlines were on time roughly 86.3% of the time in April 2012, rising 10.8% from April 2011.

As airlines learn to get their timing right, passengers can take cues. When you book your airfare strategically and at the right time, you could save hundreds of dollars on the total cost of a flight.

  1. Book last-minute. Airlines will often slash ticket prices if they can’t fill up a plane for an upcoming flight. If you want to travel on a Friday or Saturday, you can sign up for alerts to receive discounted airfare offers via email on Tuesday of the same week.
  2. Have a flexible destination. Websites like Kayak offer an explore tool that will allow you to view results for multiple airfares over several destinations. Though you may be planning a vacation to California, you can use this explore feature to check out competing airfare throughout the state to determine your exact vacation spot.
  3. Always fly on a Wednesday. Airfare experts agree that Wednesday is the cheapest day to fly for domestic travel. The reason being is that airlines are likely to have a higher supply of seats that need filling, offering the average passenger an even heftier discount when purchasing a ticket.
  4. Stay in touch in social media. If you are planning a trip to California in the near future, you can follow an airline on Facebook or Twitter. Some major airlines post last-minute deals that customers can take advantage of within a set window of time. If you find a travel deal posted via social media, snatch it up right away, or it may be too late.
  5. Check back within 24 hours of booking. Airlines provide passengers with a 24 hour rule that very few people take advantage of. After you book your flight, make sure to check back within 24 hours to see if the price dropped whatsoever. If it did, you can contact an airline directly to cancel and rebook your flight without an added penalty.


As you prepare to book a flight for your California vacation, don’t forget the golden rule that the first flight of the day is often the cheapest. If you’re willing to take a redeye directly to the Golden State, you could save on airfare by sacrificing a little sleep.

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The Cost of Living in Austin Versus Los Angeles Compared

What is cost of living, and how can it impact your quality of life? In the US, the basic standard of living is measured as the cost of living. Cost of living calculations can be used to compare one city to another to determine if housing, transportation, daily necessities, and much more are cheaper or more expensive.

What Is the Cost of Living in Austin?

Although Austin is a hip and happening city deep in the heart of Texas, it has a moderate cost of living compared to the rest of the United States. The US cost of living average is based at 100; the cost of living in Austin is rated at 102.10.

For this reason alone, families, singles, artists, and musicians flock to the area to find an affordable place to live in a city full of opportunities. Today, Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, providing musicians with the chance to get their big break without having to live in a one-bedroom studio in the meantime.

What Is the Cost of Living in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is another city that is a mecca for musicians and actors looking for their big break. Compared to Austin, Los Angeles has a much higher cost of living at 143.60. Food, utilities, and other miscellaneous items in LA are more expensive than average cities throughout the US, Austin included.

A $100,000 salary in Austin, Texas, would have to increase to $140,646 in Los Angeles in order to compensate and support the same standard of living. As a result, LA can be calculated as 41% more expensive than Austin.

What Factors Influence Cost of Living the Most?

Hands-down, the significant jump in cost of living between Austin and LA is due to housing. On average, housing in Los Angeles is 90% more expensive than it is in Austin.

A modest three-bedroom house at close to 3000 ft.² could cost roughly $250,000 in Austin, complete with luxuries like hardwood floors and a generous backyard lot. A similar three-bedroom house at close to 3000 ft.² is likely to cost you $1.5 million in Los Angeles, with or without additional amenities like hardwood floors and modern appliances.

If you’re interested in renting instead of buying, a one-bedroom apartment in Austin proper could cost you $1000 a month compared to $1450 a month for the same property in Los Angeles.

While each city has their own advantages to offer, it’s important to keep in mind that families and singles must compensate for a higher cost of living when moving to an expensive city like LA.


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Could an Ipe Deck Improve the Resale Value of Your Home?

So you’re itching to sell your home, but you’re not sure if it will sink or swim in a newly competitive housing market. Many homeowners today are in your shoes as they look for economical renovations that can be made to help their property stand out in a sea of competition.

Build a Deck to Boost Your Property Value

If your backyard is lackluster at best without an area to entertain, it may be sorely in need of a quality wood deck. Builders estimate that building a backyard deck could increase the value of your house to equal close to 80.6% of the total project cost.

Depending on the area you live in, the resale value provided by a deck could climb even further. Wood decks built onto a house in the Pacific Northwest may retain up to 91.5% of the original project value.

Throughout the US, upgrades like a backyard deck are valued highly because they provide homeowners with the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor living space. Even though a backyard may be landscaped and well groomed, a yard without a deck will be difficult to enjoy to its fullest.

A newly built backyard deck can instantly increase the curb appeal of a property. Although a prospective buyer may not see a backyard deck the moment they step foot in the front door, the upgrade will immediately improve the overall appeal of a home and could help a buyer to make a crucial final decision.

Is Ipe Decking the Right Choice for Your Home?

Now that you’ve made the big decision of adding a deck onto your home before putting it on the market, it’s time to move on to your choice in materials. Today, a number of modern homeowners prefer to upgrade with natural ipe decking since it is dense, tough, and resistant to outside elements.

Even if you don’t plan to sell your home for years in the future, a well-made ipe deck will be built to last. Making this upgrade now will give you the opportunity to enjoy the deck in your own backyard as you relax, unwind, and entertain friends in warmer weather. Years down the road, the same ipe deck will prove to be an attractive selling feature for your property as ipe is known to maintain its rich color throughout all seasons.

As you begin to compare cost versus value in the upgrade of a backyard deck, the choice is clear. Along with siding replacement, kitchen remodeling, and basement remodeling, a built-on deck is considered a moderately priced upgrade that can boost the resale value of your home.

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Useful Tips on Psychic and Psychic Readings

Online psychic readings these days have become a widespread phenomenon. You may be curious to try one but you find yourself not trusting any psychic that you come across. It’ only right for you to become cautious as there indeed plenty of cold readers, or to put it bluntly, fake psychics out there. Nonetheless, if there are bad ones, there are good and honest ones, too. Here are some useful tips for you about psychics and psychic readings.

When you ask for a psychic reading and you are told you are cursed, stop the session and leave the site. The “you-are-cursed-that-only-a psychic-like-me-can-cure” has been a long-time scam used by many con artists in the past. Never believe in any of this. A psychic who does this is only out to extort more money from you. Scaring your wits out with terrible curses will allow them to schedule more sessions, and obviously, more payments out of you. Don’t become a victim of these bad psychics.

Understand that no live psychic network can always give a 100% accurate reading. Life is full of changes. You are always changing. The decisions and actions that you make will alter the shape of your future. Psychics do have the ability to see what will happen in the future, but they cannot make predictions that it is sure to come true. You need to realize that whatever they say may be a big possibility, but their readings are not always cemented to happen.

True clairvoyant readings will not answer every single question you throw at them every single time. There are times when psychics will not receive any answers even though they put their psychic abilities into motion. Honest ones will tell you that. The reason for this may be the fact that the information could affect your personal growth. Don’t be dismayed if you aren’t going to get answers. Revel in the moment that you have a trustworthy psychic before you.

When the psychic only has positive things to say to you all the time, be wary. You should know life is not full of roses. So you need to be wary if all of your readings seem to be heading into the millionaire’s lane, successful career, and so on. The psychic reader may probably be giving you all the answers that you want to hear. Some psychics are just out there to please their clients so that they will keep coming back. However, it is best to be told the truth rather than hear false readings that will make you delve into an unrealistic expectation.

There are psychics who’ll make you dependent on them. If the psychic gives you further correspondence saying there are more things they want to reveal on you, beware because that psychic may only be trying to hook you in. By enticing you with more revelations, the psychic can also gain more paid services from you. You should also avoid psychics who will give you partial readings and then leave you hanging until you make a payment.

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Beer Kegerators for Your Home

A large beer kegerator is an economical way to distribute beer in your home bar. Actually because it is portable and easy to get and set. You can place a quarter or a half-barrel keg beer in your kegerators. Here’s what you can expect to be included when you purchase one: a draft tower, a drip tray, CO2 tank, regulator, and a beer tap for spending. You can also expect a kegerator you are set on casters make it easy for them to move. Beer kegerators kept an ideal temperature and allow it to provide hassle-free.

Beer kegerators is an indispensable item of equipment bar hosts which to entertain and enjoy a glass of cold beer. Beer is served at the right temperature in order to be taste well. With a kegerator, you do not need to fill your refrigerator with beer cans and bottles when you entertain. You can only use your beer kegerators. This allows you to mingle with your guests as opposed to beer bottles back to them.

Kegerators can be purchased at home supply stores bar. Beers are available in various sizes from small to large. There are two factors that affect the size of beer kegerators you choose. One is the amount of beer you want to keep the cold at a time. Another is how much space you have set up your kegerator.

Sometimes you can not find beer kegerators in your area because it’s not widely sold. So, if you find this is true, then you can store them on the internet. There are many online merchants that have a great selection of beer kegerators. You will definitely be able to find one that fits your budget. If you want a cold beer with friends and family, you will definitely want to invest in beer kegerators. kegerator

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What Are the Major Components of a Portable Sink?

A portable sink is a great convenience in so many places. Mobile businesses, centers without plumbing units, homes and medical facilities find them very helpful to supplement their need for a suitable area to do their handwashing and cleaning of their things. With the benefits derived from these valuable units, let’s take a look at the major components that make up a portable sink device.

A portable sink is made up of a cabinet stand. Usually, this stand is made from durable wood with laminate vinyl that bears cool designs. Its stand’s top surface, on the other hand, is usually made with an ABS countertop.

Ensconced on the countertop is another component – the basin. The basin is often made from stainless steel and it can come in one plain hollow surface or it can have divisions of two or three basins. The double and triple basins are great for sorting out the dishes or utensils particularly in business areas.

Further connection that can be seen on top of the basin is a faucet. It allows water to easily flow when doing clean-ups. Its clean water supply comes from a 5 or 6 gallon of fresh water and its waste water is then collected by another gallon container. Both the supply and waste water gallons are conveniently hidden inside the cabinet stand.

To complete its mobile feature, there are wheels that are placed at the bottom of the stand. The roller casters allow this type of sink to be moved and transported easily. There are also stop locks in the wheels to keep the mobile sink system stable when it is being used.

This post was contributed by John Cathy. He is a social media and internet marketing expert who helps small companies like the Square Cow Movers to become more visible in the online market!

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Potting Bench – A Bit of Misnomer That Proves to Be a Big Help

For a non-gardener, hearing about the word “potting bench” can easily create a lot of confusion. If you simply refer to the literal meaning of the word, you can easily conjure up a bench where you can do some potting. Before you can think of straddling a bench and planting some plants inside the cans, know that the word is a bit of a misnomer by itself.
In fact, a potting bench comes nowhere close to looking like a bench. It actually looks like a workbench, a table with wide working surfaces in them. And the work is not only limited to potting for you can also utilize them as display shelves for already grown potted plants or as storage units for your gardening supplies.
Despite being a misnomer, this piece of equipment proves to be a big help to anyone involved in container gardening. They make the task easier with less aching joints and way more efficient with no need to look for the essential supplies. A big plus is that they can make for excellent and beautiful display cabinets to showcase a collection of exquisite blooms, verdant shrubs and thriving herbs.

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How to Prepare for a Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are fun. It’s a great way of showing your support to your favorite team. If you want to enjoy and keep your family and friends with you happy then you better prepare and get everything you need ready.
Tailgate parties are all about food so make sure you have enough burgers and meat to keep everyone energized. Don’t forget to bring the grill, ample supply of charcoal and kitchen utensils that you need. There should be enough plates, eating utensils and paper cups for everybody. A chest of ice and a steady of supply of beer can keep your company partying all throughout the day. Bring a radio also to keep track of pregame announcements and interviews. And, when the game is over have it play some loud music so you can get into the groove and dance with everybody. Last but not the least, don’t forget to bring your plastic folding chairs so you can set up a nice spot and be comfortable while you eat and drink with your family and friends.

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How to Keep the Bathroom Area Safe

The bathroom is one of the frequently used areas in the house. Because we practically start and end our day in here, it is very important that we keep it safe all the time. Safety in the bathroom starts by securing a good set of bathroom light fixtures. With small windows present in there, natural light during the day may not be enough to allow us to see the wet spots on the floor. At night, they are without a doubt much needed items for proper illumination.
Tile floors are fairly common in the bathroom but make sure that they are the non-skid types. If you inherited the slippery ones, attach adhesive safety strips on them or simply lay a rug or a non-skid mat over them. If you have little kids, see to it that the cabinets of cleaning agents and medical supplies are securely locked. Should there be elderly companions around, having handle bars strategically placed in the shower, toilet and along the walls will be of great help to them.

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Ceiling Fans for Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

In order to keep our heads cool, we have to feel cool. Indeed, hot temperatures can always cause hot tempers to flare. This is because no one feels comfortable in a hot environment. And, if you partner it up with tons of workload, this can practically lead people to exhaustion and frustration.
While we can always rely on central air-conditioning, those who can’t afford this costly set-up may just have to rely on dependable ceiling fans. These devices can greatly help in keeping people inside any home or workplace feel cool, comfortable and relaxed. There’s also an added advantage to using ceiling fans. They are not only used indoors but can be placed in the outdoors as well. Just make sure that you get ones which are specifically-made for the outdoor settings. Roofed decks, patios and terraces can feel very hot to hang out during summer. Thus, you can now devote a little relaxing time in your outdoor spaces even during hotter days with these fans around.

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